Make informed decisions during surgery.

Our knowledgable staff gives you the extra insight you need.



Instant feedback you can count on.

Have confidence moving forward in complex maneuvers during surgery. Our entire focus is dedicated to a successful surgical outcome by helping avoid unintentional damage to your patient's nervous system. We give you instant feedback on your patient's neurophysiological status to assist you in making critical surgical decisions. Because your patient is our priority.

Skilled, experienced professionals.
Why choose Nerve Watch?
  • Our staff is board certified, dependable, and available 24/7
  • Your individual preferences will be followed to ensure our monitoring reflects your standard of care
  • Schedule online, by fax or by phone - we make it easy for your office personnel to work with us
  • We integrate seamlessly with your surgical team, listening and communicating clearly
  • We have a licensed neurologist remotely monitor the surgery online, watching and advising along with the technician, providing an extra layer of security